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Football Crews Announced for 2018 State Tournament

October 28, 2018

The 2018 regular season is over and the playoffs have begun. This year we have three crews selected to work the state tournament. This is the lowest number that we have had selected in many years. I want to thank all of our crews for a great season with few complaints but, we still have work to do to strengthen our present crews for next season. I suggest that anyone thinking about retiring or changing crews should contact their white hat, or if you are a white hat, notify Bozo about your status.

Congratulations are in order to the following crews that were selected to work the state tournament this year:

  • George Winn and his crew of Dale DovenmuehlerTom FrantaDave Jennrich and Jason Knaus are working the 6A quarter final game at TCO Performance Center at 7:00 on 11/9 and the 5AAAAA Final  on 11/24 at 4:00 at U.S. Bank Stadium

  • Tim Litfin and his crew  of Jim Larson, Nick Litfin, Phil Kern and Chris Jostock will work the 6A Semi Final game on 11/16 at 7:00 at U.S. Bank Stadium

  • Kevin Perry and his crew of Phil BernardsChuck HollenbackSeth Pugh and Lucas Schaaf will work the 4AAAA semi-final game on 11/16 at 4:30 at U.S. Bank Stadium

When the season is over, Bozo will get together with George Winn, Rolf Erickson, Greg Swan and all the white hats to review the season. At this meeting, we will start preparing for next years crews and also talking about potential crews that would like to join “Gopher”. 

I would like to thank Rolf Erickson and George Winn again for their help this past season. Also thanks to Greg Swan and Mike Madden for going to games with me every week to look at our crews.



George Winn



Rolf Erickson



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